Apollo is the newest member of our family!  He is sooooo cute and lovable.  He is just 13 weeks old (10 weeks in the picture) and has the BEST personality.  He is officially the mascot of Atlas Coatings & Construction.  He is the new boss.  So any upcoming decisions or tools that must be bought are going to have to go through him first!  I hear he is a softy if you rub his belly right and give him some bacon treats ;)  LOL  So I don't think there is going to be too much of an issue there :D

    He loves dog treats, running, playing with his buddies (neighbor's dogs) and kids.. LOVES kids :)  His training is going GREAT.  Almost totally potty trained and knows some basic tricks (sit, stay, lay..)  Next trick to teach him is to roll over and to shake. 

    American Bulldogs are awesome animals.  They were originally bred as working dogs (farmers), for bull bating, and other duties that a strong, intelligent dog could do.  One special job of this breed was for hunting bears, wild boar, and other animals.  Because of their strength, stamina, intelligence, and their protective nature.. they are well known for being the protector of their family and livestock.  They are a great guard dog and menacing (looking) to anyone who doesn't know them.  But they are just big lovers who will protect their family and home. 

    American Bulldogs are a great breed!  I already know you will be hearing more about Apollo in the (near) future ;)  I am sure his crazy antics will keep you guys entertained.  He is already a hoot.. one weird thing he likes to do is put his nose/muzzle in shoes.. or lick feet :P  LOL weirdo..

He is asleep right next to me as I write this. :)

-Nathan Deneault


06/27/2010 20:26

Great pic N8!! I'd love to have a dog...especially one so cute!


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