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I never really knew much about syrup as a kid.  All I knew was that I loved it on my pancakes and even dipping my sausage in it.. gave that fried pork meat a sweet coating that made it even better!  I LOVE syrup who doesn't?! 

It wasn't until I was stuck in bed with the flu last year, did I learn about the golden sweet liquid we traditionally put on or flap-jacks and French Toast known as Maple Syrup.  It was either the Discovery Channel, or Food Network that aired a show on Pure Maple Syrup.

All Maple Syrup is the same right?  Wait.. what?  MOST syrup on the market is actually a synthetic (man made) version of the "Pure Maple Syrup" that comes from the sap of maple trees.  You remember as a kid, watching TV and seeing commercials where the old lady bottle at the breakfast table comes to life.  She makes sure you are enjoying her syrup (which comes in a multitude of different flavors: BUTTER FLAVORED, CLASSIC, Reduced Fat..).  The STAPLE to the American hot breakfast was not real.. that she has been pedaling a synthetic version of the REAL Maple Syrup the whole time and I was none the wiser.

Just what the title says.. New changes coming to the site.  Not only will the "under construction" items get finished.. other items will be available including more informative sections!
    This is just a short "hey we are working on the site".. I need to get more pictures up of all of our latest projects but there is only so much time in a day.  When we lost a harddrive last year it took 5 yrs worth of pictures with it.  So unfortuntly we are working with what we have picture wise until the others can be upped'. 

Nathan Deneault
Atlas Coatings & Construction
This week's storms have been really nasty.  ALOT of rain has come down.  I decided to make a quick list of things to check around your home so that you will possibly catch some issues, and save you some money and heartache.

What to check..
    Apollo is the newest member of our family!  He is sooooo cute and lovable.  He is just 13 weeks old (10 weeks in the picture) and has the BEST personality.  He is officially the mascot of Atlas Coatings & Construction.  He is the new boss.  So any upcoming decisions or tools that must be bought are going to have to go through him first!  I hear he is a softy if you rub his belly right and give him some bacon treats ;)  LOL  So I don't think there is going to be too much of an issue there :D

Atlas Coatings & Construction Exterior Home Painting Wood Rot Repair Examination Olathe, Overland Park, Leawood, Stilwell, Stanley, Lenexa, Mission, Shawnee
    Catch the problems as they surface.  Don't let the small issues around your home or office become serious problems.  Make a list of the different "issues" your building's exterior has.  BTW don't worry.. EVERY home has an issue here or there.  Mother Nature is the it's harshest enemy, and she shows no mercy to your home or office's exterior.  It is good to check your the exterior for damage once a month and after extreme storms.

    Here are some simple things to look for while doing a routine examination of your home's exterior:

    Most people think of their home as a place they will only occupy for a short length of time.  Isn't this the "best case scenario?"  Isn't it like the builders of the RMS Titanic outfitting it with only 20 lifeboats for all 1178 passengers aboard?  I mean it WAS unsinkable afterall....

It has been a tiring process to look through many harddrives and find pictures for the site and to get the Flickr account updated like it is needed, and find the time to still work on the actual site.  I plan on having most of it wrapped up by weeks end.  Then just a few minor changes here and there. :P  Thanks for your patience!


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